My name is Isaac Ortiz. I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My fondest memories always have food involved. I recall my aunty Lorena making food and bringing everyone together. It brought her joy to feed us whenever she got the opportunity. Fast forwarding to my adult life; I find my self cooking for my family and friends and bring them together in the best way I know how – Food! You can say I keep that tradition going.

I wanted to bring something new and exciting to Albuquerque. My culinary background is mostly self thought. You can say I’m a nerd for food and research. I have always been in love with the Japanese Culture of respect and inclusion. With the pride they take on their food, I wanted to make sure I embraced the culture which is why I make my broth from scratch and provide it the love it requires. My broth takes 10 hours to make but worth every second of it. I also wanted to stay true to my culture and infuse it to my love for being New Mexican. This is why we incorporated Green Chile to our plates.

Never miss the opportunity to try something new and unique! I am happy to share my love for food with my community!

Isaac with the food truck